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399 1443 1460 1462 1471 1802 2800 5402 7516 9038 0294 100400mm 245a3823 245roseate 399 and cub 399 and cub snowy 399 catches scent 399 chasing blondie 793 out of her territory 399 in wildflower meadow 399 nursing 399 realizes she has lost sight of her cub after chasing blondie and begins to frantically look around 4.8mb 680a7280 681a4987 7717 3 mt. evans. 800mm a crash of hippos a very relaxed grizzly abandoned abbott's acinonyx jubatus acorn adorable adorning adult adult gho watching us adult male and male offspring africa after the chase looking for her cub afternoon aguar alajuela province alces alces alces along amazon amazon kingfisher american american bittern american pygmy kingfisher anacari anas cyanoptera anteiope antelope antilocapra americana antlers antonio arrangment arrival arusha n.p. ashy starling august 2016 babies baboon okavango delta baboons grooming okavango delta baby baby animal nursing baby animals of yellowstone baby bear baby bison baby buffalo baby elephant chobe national park baby marmots snuggled in a log baby mountain goat badger badger contemplating the earth badger image badger peeking out of hole badger photo badger photograph badger running down hill badger saying what are you looking at badger sporting weed decoration balance bald banana bananaquit banks bare baru basilisk bat bateared fox bath battle battling bay beak bear bear chase bear cub beartooth bearyellowstone beautiful beaver beavers before begging behavior being bellied benito berries bighorn billed bison bison after dustbath bison behavoir bison bellows during fall rut bison bison bison crossing water bison in snow bison male interested in female bison male picking up scent of female bitern bittern black black and white colobus monkey black backed jackal black bear black bear cub black bear cub waiting for mom blackbird blade blast blondie blondie with two coy blue blue grouse blue monkey ibbling on a branchp bluebird bluebirds bluefooted bluefooted booby bluefooted booby skypointing bluegray tanager boa boar boar at huckleberry hill boar grizzly boat boatbilled heron bobcat boca tapada boca topada bolinas boo boobly booby boobygalapagos botswana botswana africa botswana chobe national park brandt's brazil brazil 2017 brazil 917 breeding breeding color brewer's briones briones ebrp 2017 brions brown brown booby bryce bryce canyon national park bubo virginianus buck buck silhouette budding buffalo buffalo in snow buffalo male intererested in female bugling bugling. bull bull bison bull buffalo bull elephant seal bull moose burrow burrowing burrowing owl on a post observing its territory burrowing owl startled by a northern harrier burrowing owls butorides virescens c.r. cacholote caiman caiman dining on a turtle caiman sunning on the shore. caimen calendar calf california california 2015 california 2016 california ground squirrel california newt with egg sacs california quail california wildlife california. canis latrans cano cano negro cano negro wildlife refuge canopy capped capuchin capybara cardinal catalina catch cervis canadensis cervus canadensis cervus canadensis nannodes chachalaca charging chased cheetah on the move cheetah siblings waiting for mom cheetahs chestnut chestnutmandibbled toucan chewing chicks chinned chipmonk chipmonk on a rock chipmonks chobe chobe national park chobe river cinnamon cinnamon black bear cinnamon teal cinnamon teal duck clam clapper rail claw claws clover coast coati collared collared aracari colorado colorado 2017 coming common common merganser common potoo continues cooper's corcovado corcovado n.p. cormorant cortez corvid costa costa rica costa rica 2016 cottontail cottontail muching on a blade of grass courting courting behavior of male and female bison courtship behavior cow cow bison with calf cow buffalo with calf cow moose crossing the gros ventre river cow moose eating willows cows coy coyote coyote leaping coyote listing intently to capture its next meal as the light begins to wane coyote mousing coyotes crab crab. crane cranes creek creeper crested crisscross crossing crowned cruises crying cub cuckoo curious cute cute baby animal cute baby animals dance dawn dead deating deer delta den desert devouring diego dining dinosaur dinosaur national monument diving dog donacobius downed drone duck dung. dungeness dusk dust dust bath dwarf mongoose eagle eagles eared early earthquake lake area ebrp ed grizz egret elegant elephant elephant mud bath elephant with red dust elephants elk elk calf and mother enjoying enveloped estuary evening evening. faced faith falco columbarius falco peregrinus falcon fall 2016 fall 2016 yellowstone national park family feasting february 13 fed feed feeding feeds feet femail female female basilisk female grizzly female mountain goat female ringed kingfisher diving female's fence fer ferruginous ferruginous hawk hunting fighting bison fighting buffalo fish five flight flight. flying food footed forage fox fresh frio frog frolicking baby animals frolicking baby bison frolicking mountain goats fruit galapagos galapagos islands gallinule game garnet garter gbh gho gho with two owlets ghost crab giant giant otter eating a catfish giraffe giraffes goat goats godwit godwits goes goldehooded tanager golden golden eagle taking off goldenhooded tanager goldenmantled ground squirrel gorging grand grand tetons grand tetons n.p grand tetons n.p. grand tetons n.p. spring 2016 grand tetons n.p.s grand tetons grand tetons national park grant tetons np grass gray graycrrested cacholote grayheaded chachalaca graynecked wood rail with a fly on its nose. grazing greaat horned owlet screeching at adult and begin or food great great blue heron in flight great egret in flight great gray after bath great gray owl great gray owl flying forward towards us great gray owl in aspen tree great gray owl in flight great gray owls doing food exchange great horned owl great horned owl chicks great horned owl juvenile begging for food. great kiskadee greater greater sandhill crane greathorned owl greathorned owlet grebe green green heron green iguana greeting grizzly grizzly bear grizzly bear with two coy grizzly cub grizzly cub in snow grizzly cub just sitting grizzly cub snow grizzly sow gros gros ventre ground grouse guard guarding gull hacienda hacienda baru hammer harbor harem harrier hawk hawthorne tree headed heading heron high hill honey hooded hooting horned horse house hovering howler howler monkey huck huckleberry hummingbird hungry hunt hunt. hunting idaho iguana iguana iguana iguanas immature immature cooper's hawk impala impala leaping insect intensely intently into isa isla islands itchy its jacamar jaguar jaguar female continues to hunt jaguar female stalking a caiman jaguar observing us jaguar sharpening claws on log jumping weasel just kelp kid kids kill kingfisher kiskadee kit kite klipspringers lafayette lagoon lake lamar valley lance landing leaf leap leap of faith leaping leaping baby mountain goat least least chipmonks nuzzling leg legged leopard leopard cub leopard cub africa leopard cub climbing tree leopard cub dining on an impala lesson lido light lion lion cub lion male africa lioness lioness observing a drone lions listening litter litter frog little beeeater lizard log long long tailed weasel checking us out long tailed weasel standing. looking love lynx rufus macaws machu male male bison male buffalo male capybara with a blackcapped donacobius male elk with felt antlers male gho hooting to mate who was perched in a tree nearby.f male harrier searching for his next meal male leopard at rest on a mound male lion portrait male lion sleeping on his back with a full belly male lion walking in grass male lion walks across the plains near ndutu male mountain blue bird male on post male ringed kingfisher with a fresh catch. male von der decken's hornbill male western bluebird with food for chicks mama grizzly mandibled mangrove mangrove boa manqueque mantling manuel manuel antonio n.p. maquenque marabou stork and hooded vulture marbled march 2018 marine market lake idaho marmot marmots masked tree frog mating meadow meal merlin mode mom mom and baby sea otter mom and baby sea otter in harbor moment monkey montana monterey montezuma montezuma oropendola monument mood moon moonrise with mirabou stork at ndutu moose moremi moremi game reserve morning morning light morro morro bay morro bay april 2017 moss mother mother and baby baboon mother and baby south american tapir mother young giraffe mountain mountain blue bird mountain blue birds mating mountain goats moutain moutain goat baby leaping mouth full of food mouthful move mr. evans mt. evans mt. evans. mule mule deer buck chewing on grass in morning light n.p. nanny nanny mountain goat shedding nap time for cheetahs narrowheaded tree frog national ndutu near necked negro nesthole next night hike northern northern flicker leaving nest northern serengeti northern whitecrowned shrikes nosed nursing nursing bison calf nursing buffalo calf nursing calf nuzzle observing ofwar okavanga delta okavango older lioness softly call her pride. olivaceous olivaceous piculet one orange orangebacked troupial orangechinned parakeet oropendola osa osa peninsula osprey osprey in flight osprey taking off at boat dock otter otter mom cuddling pup otters overhead owl owlet pair pair of western bluebirds pantanal panthera leo panthera pardus parakeet park park. pass passerini's passerini's tanager pauses peek pelican peninsula perch peregrine peregrine falcon perfect peru petrel picchu piculet pierce pipe plan plants playfful playful grizzly cub rolling on back playing plumage point point lobos 2015 point reyes point reyes 2017 point reyes 218 point reyes 318 point reyes national seashore point reyes national seashore 2017 portrait portrait of burrowing owl on one leg pose potoo praticing prns profile pronghorn pronghorn antelope pronghorn with fawns protecting pt. pt. reyes pt. reyes 2017 pulling pup purple pygmy quail rabbit rafting rail rainforest ram rattleless rattlesnake raven raven landing raven verses garter snake on log raving... red red fox red fox lamar valley red fox taking a tongue bath red fox waking up from a nap. red fox with kit red squirrel stripping bark off tree for its nest red tailed hawk in flight red tailed weasel. reddish redlegged honeycreeper redtailed hawk redtailed hawk chicks redwinged blackbird in flight refuge regal relaxed relaxing res. reserve resting reyes rhino trotting across the savannah rica rica. ringed ringed kingfisher airborn rio rio frio ripe rising river river otter with freshly caught cat fish rock rodent rolling roseate spoonbill rufous rufous tailed hummingbird rufoustailed jacamaryy running rutting rutting bison rutting buffalo sally lightfoot crab salt point 118 harrier in flight with lizard salt point january 2018 sandhill sandhill crane protecting its territory sanhill santa scarlet scarlet macaw scratching scratchinghis sea sea otter seal seals searching seashore secure seeking serengeti serengeti plains shade share sharpening she begins to chase 793 shedding sheep shore shortearred grebe eating a pipe fish sibling marmots being affectionate. siblings sierpe silhouette singing skunk skunk out searching for food skypointing slender mongoose moremi game reserve sloth smiling smooching snake snoozing snoozing jaguar snow snowstorm snowy snowy 399's grizzly cub snowy after a swim snuggling soaring solstice song song sparrow trillling south southern groundhornbill enjoying a snack sow sparing sparring sparrow speckled mousebird spoonbila9688 spring spring 2016 spring 2016 399 spring 2017 squirrel squirrel cuckoo squirrel monkey sringed standing standing grizzly bear stands stark starlt startled stashing stepping storm stormbreak stream stretch strikes strix nebulosa summer 2017 summer 2017. two mountain goat kids frollicking sun sunbathing sunning sunrise sunset sunset in ndutu surf swallowtailed gull feeding chick swallowtailed gull feeding chick eggshell swim. swimming swimming jaguar swimming lesson sycamore grove sycamore grove 2017 sycamore grove 2018 tail tailed take takes off taking tanager tanzania tanzania 2017 tapir tarantula tawny tawny eagle feasting on an baby wildebeest carcass tawny tree frog taxidea taxus taylor tender tern territory tetons tetons fall 2017 thinking thor's three three coyotes playing three deer near chimney rock threetoed sloth threetoed sloth with baby throated tiger tiger heron time toco toucan toed tomales tongue too top toucan touching tower trail trail. transpaneria highway tree trilling trio trout tug tule tule elk turkey turtle twilight. two two baby mountain goats leaping two bison two buffalo two bull wildebeests in battle two mountain goats snuggling two ravens playing tugofwar with the remnants of a snake uinta uinta ground squirrel uinta ground squirrel shouting warning call upright ursus americanus ursus americus ursus arctos urus arctos usrus americanus ventre version vixen vole vulpes vulpes vultures w.c. wapiti war watching water waterbuck weasel website websitefff western white whitenosed coati wild wild dog moremi game reserve wildebeest wildlife willow windblown winged winter soltice wood woodpecker woodpeckers wrapped in kelp wren wy. wyoming y yawn yawning yelling yellow yellowbellied marmot thinking yellowbilled cardinal yellowbilled cotinga yellowstone yellowstone lake yellowstone n.p. yellowstone national park yellowstone national park 2015 yellowstone national park great gray owl flying yellowstone national park great gray owl flying low on the hunt yellowstone national park great gray owl flying with feel down and towards us yellowstone national park. spring 2016 yoga yosemite yosemite np young young bison bulls young bison cafe running in the lamar valley young black bear young coati young golen jackal young grizzly young leopard cub taking a tongue bath after gorging on an impala young lions playing tugofwar young spotted hyena eating remains of afffwildebeest young. zebras