Jeff and Wendy Photography (also known as Kelp Grizzly)

Selling images of nature, wildlife and landscapes from around the world.

Kelp Grizzly is the official name of our photography business because it is a nickname for one of our favorite animals-the sea otter! This sweet -faced aquatic member of the weasel family is a voracious and efficient carnivore.  We admire  sea otters tenacity, charm and amazing comeback after facing near extinction in Calfornia  because of trapping and environmetal pollution; thankfully they are on the rebound.

We are passionate about the out-of-doors and have also been bitten by the travel bug! Our cameras accompany us on all of our adventures so we can capture images of spectacular places we have visited.

Photography has allowed us to gain a more intimate perspective on wildlife while viewing them through the lens of a camera. We have spent thousands of hours observing and photographing animals-always waiting to capture that perfect light! 

We want our images to promote an awareness and respect for all wildlife and provide people with an image that reminds them of the importance of connecting with wildlife on an emotional level.

We hope you enjoy our photos and they inspire you to go for long hikes and savor the wild beauty that surrounds us.

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If you would like to purchase our photographs simply select a photograph and then click the green “buy” box in the lower right corner. The images can be purchased in varying sizes and photo finishes (luster, matt, glossy, metallic or giclée watercolor).

Our work can  also be found in the 4th Street Fine Art Gallery, 2000 4th Street Berkeley, California.

A percentage of the sales of our photographs will be donated to support the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital in Walnut Creek, California.   We have volunteered at Lindsay since 1985 and support their commitment to conservation efforts.    Jeff Torquemada  & Wendy Sparks